Player Spotlights

Our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Player Spotlights are fantasy write-ups that are dedicated to one specific player at a time. Want to know who is On The Rise and On The Decline? Want to know which fantasy baseball player to Buy-Low and what player to Sell-High?

From Fantasy Baseball Busts to Fantasy Baseball Sleepers, our Player Spotlights will give you that extra advantage during both the fantasy in-season and off-season. Want more MLB info? Consistently stay on top of our Breaking News Wire.

Mark Trumbo (OF, DH) spotlight picture

5/13/2013 12:22 pm by Bones
I've seen some reports from other writers who suggest selling now on Mark Trumbo. The story goes that he had a fast start last year, and then tanked in the 2nd half, so the opportunity to sell high is now before he does it again. I'm not so sure history is going to repeat itself however. Remember, last year Trumbo made an appearance in the All-Star game Home Run hitting contest. And what an appearance it was! He didn't hit as many as Josh Hamilton's amazing performance a few years ago, but the distance he put on some of his homers was incredible. And the crowd egged him on, and he kept going for the deep ball. Well, we all know what happened to Hamilton after he made his record setting performance in the home run hitting contest, and Trumbo seemed to follow the same path last season. I don't see that happening this year. For one, he probably learned his lesson and will avoid that contest all together. And two, he is sandwiched between Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton in that Angels line-up. His response? How about 6 dingers in the past 13 games. Trumbo sits at a .278 clip with 9 HR's and 26 RBI so far on the young season, and I see no real reason why he can't get to 30 HR's and 100 RBI in that line-up. If you are tempted to shop Trumbo, sell high, elsewise, you probably will have a nice return on your investment already.

Ryan Howard (1B) spotlight picture

5/9/2013 9:13 pm by Bones
Hmmmm, it seems a lot of pundits jumped the gun this spring. Many thought Howard wasn't going to be back to his old self after his terrible injury, but he seems to be proving people wrong. Ryan started the year in such a way as to make those pundits look good, as he only hit one home run and only drove in 6 runs in his first 19 games. But maybe he was easing his way back into things, as his stats have taken a turn for the better. In his past 13 games, Howard has hit 5 home runs and driven in 14 more runs. It's looking like he may be able to get to the 30+ homer mark again this season, which is pretty good considering you could of drafted him on the back end of drafts this spring. It's probably too late to pry him from his owner, but there may be some out there who feel the risk is too much. But you're gonna have to pay a better price than you would of a month ago. I'm holding him for the season personally.

Andrew Cashner (SP) spotlight picture

4/30/2013 12:09 pm by Bones
We talked about Andrew Cashner about a year ago in this space, but his old bugaboo concerning injuries reared their ugly head last season and derailed his development. Well, look out gamers, this might be the year. The Padres have done a great job of bringing Cashner along slowly, and if the results of last week are any indication, he will be worth adding to your roster in the coming days. He put together 2 good starts against the defending World Champion Giants, and with San Diego's rotation in a bit of flux, has probably secured himself a spot from this point forward. Cashner is a fireballer who can touch 100 mph on the gun, so you are looking at high upside when it comes to strike-outs. And since he will start half his games in Petco's still large ballpark, his ERA and WHIP numbers promise to be good. Alas, it is the Padres, so the win total may not be great. Other writers have stated the classic line this week, "He's a must add in ALL fantasy leagues." But fear not, as of this morning he is only owned in 27% of yahoo leagues.

Nolan Arenado (3B) spotlight picture

4/28/2013 11:04 am by Bones
Run, don't walk, to your waiver wire this morning, and pick up Nolan Arenado. News just broke that the Rockies have bought out his contract, and are pulling him up to the bigs to be their everyday third baseman. We featured Nolan in our recent article on which rookies to grab who might make a huge impact on the fantasy scene this season. No one is saying he will be Mike Trout, but he has the pedigree to put up some really nice numbers, especially (and we know you've heard this before, but hey, it's true) since half his games will be at Coors Field. After a so-so season at AA ball in 2012, Nolan exploded in spring training, and there were rumblings that he would stick on the 25 man roster. It didn't take long to get called up though, which is what a .364 average with 3 HR, 11 doubles, 14 runs scored, and a whopping 21 RBI in 18 games will do for you at AAA. Arenado already has an MVP of the Arizona fall league, a stint on the U.S. Olympic team, and a "disappointing season" at AA in which he hit "only" .285 to his 21 year old credit. One of the top prospects in the Rockies system, Colorado is going all in, as they have designated starting 3B Chris Nelson for assignment. You should go all in too!

Nate McLouth (OF) spotlight picture

4/26/2013 11:37 am by Bones
Although it's early in the season and we are dealing with small sample sizes, some stats just stand out. Take stolen bases and Nate McLouth for example. In a mere 19 games, he has now swiped 7 bases (boy am I glad I added him before his 2 theft performance yesterday!). Who knows if he keeps up THAT pace, but over 6 months you would be looking at a 40 steal season. Since he is only owned by 13% of yahoo leaguers, that would be a pretty sweet waiver wire pick-up. His power hasn't appeared as of yet, but through those first 19 games McLouth is hitting a cool .302 and has scored 16 runs thus far. That's pretty good production in 3 major categories for a guy that can be had at no cost in most leagues. And last season he ended with a bang, knocking out 7 HR with 12 SB's in 55 games with the O's. He may have found a nice home in Baltimore, and he is worth the add to find out.

Carlos Ruiz (C) spotlight picture

4/23/2013 8:57 pm by Bones
Carlos Ruiz is nearing the end of his 25 game suspension, and is just the kind of "forgotten" prize that can help many a fantasy team out in the early going. Ruiz hit .325 last year in 372 at-bats, and clubbed 16 HR and drove in 68 RBI in only 114 games. If I recall correctly, that was good for a Top 5 finish amongst catchers across the majors last season. Those of you who own Victor Martinez (.182 batting average), Matt Wieters (.210), Miguel Montero (.206), Jesus Montero (.224), Jonathan Lucroy (.241), and Alex Avila (.196) might want to make the add in case your starter continues his poor start. Heck, the rest of you should consider the add; it's never a bad thing to have an extra catcher who can hit the ball! I just checked, and Ruiz is only owned in 15% of yahoo leagues (well, maybe 16% since I went and grabbed him here and there), so if you pounce now you have a chance of making one of those early season moves that propels your team up the standings. Now, go, and add...

Jurickson Profar (IF) spotlight picture

4/19/2013 1:39 pm by Bones
It shouldn't be too long before the Texas Rangers give serious consideration to calling up consensus #1 prospect Jurickson Profar to the big leagues. Sent to the minors to get regular playing time, his arrival will be delayed a little bit as of right now due to a sore left side. But if the Rangers keep hitting, or rather, not hitting like they are, a move will be made. So far, regular 1B Mitch Moreland is flaming out with a .163 batting average. The thought will be to move Ian Kinsler over to 1B and open up the 2B position for Profar, thus keeping long-term inked Elvis Andrus at SS. And the Rangers need him, because not only is Moreland hitting at a feeble pace, so is Craig Gentry at .227, Leonys Martin at .192 (too bad Profar can't play CF), and David Murphy is at .151. EVEN Andrus is hitting a paltry .224, and clean-up hitter Adrian Beltre is hitting a whopping .232. Think these guys miss Josh Hamilton protecting them in the line-up? There was a lot of conjecture about whether the Rangers would make this move, but with their hitting needs, it will be a matter of exactly when, not if. YOU need to look at your roster and determine if the 23rd guy on your team is worth the #1 prospect in baseball, even if it means he sits for a month or two. My guess is that 97% of us can make that swap.

Melky Cabrera (OF) spotlight picture

4/11/2013 1:44 pm by Bones
Be patient! Oh my gosh, we are only 2 weeks into the season, and I have actually seen Melky Cabrera dropped in one of my leagues. Don't be the person who makes a mistake like this. Melky was hitting .346 last year before he got into trouble with major league authorities and was suspended for the year. The Giants went on to win the World Series without him, so they cut him loose. As you know, he landed with the Toronto Blue Jays. The guy starts out a little slow, 7 for 28. THAT is no reason to cut a potential top 50 player! Melky is in the 2 hole in the line-up, tucked between Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista. How is that for potential runs and RBI production? He'll be hitting over .300 before you know it, and that poor owner who dropped him will be moaning for 5 months. Now is the time to let some things play out; don't be dropping your top 100ish type players unless for major injury.

Kyuji Fujikawa (RP) spotlight picture

4/7/2013 11:02 am by Bones
Word has just come in Sunday morning that Carlos Marmol is out as Cubs closer, and Fujikawa is in. Although most knew this was coming, few thought it would happen within the first 2 series of the season. But Marmol got lit up in all 3 games he appeared in, with an exclamation point in his 3rd game as he gave up 2 HR's to blow the save. Don't count on seeing him in the closer role again this season. Kyuji hasn't faired too well either on the young season, but the Cubs are throwing their off-season investment into the situation to see what they have. It's also a better option. Fujikawa was Japan's most dominant reliever over the last 8 seasons, so for those of you who chase saves, it's time to strike now if you haven't already (personally I added him before the season started in my shallow league). For those who might speculate that his skills won't transfer to the majors, James Russell is your speculative add out of a thin Cubs bullpen.

Gerardo Parra (OF) spotlight picture

4/3/2013 1:00 am by Bones
Gerardo Parra is going to be a sneaky late round or waiver wire pick up for the crafty fantasy baseball manager. Although the 4th OF in Arizona, it already looks like he is well on his way to 500+ AB's this season. He will be starting on a regular basis the first 4-6 weeks of the season, as Adam Eaton recovers from a spring training injury. But it shouldn't stop there, as he will also back up Cody Ross (himself a DL casualty to start the season), who seems to get hurt a bit. He will also relieve Jason Kubel when he needs a rest, and quite possibly will man the DH spot in inter-league play. Parra showed why he could be valuable on Opening Night, going 4-5 with 3 doubles. He should finish the season in double digits in both HR's and SB's, and for those in outfield specific leagues (i.e., LF, CF, RF), he's gold, as he qualifies in all three spots. Check your waiver wire and see, as I did pick him up in a Keeper league just this morning!

Alex Gordon (OF) spotlight picture

4/3/2013 12:52 am by Bones
Count me in on trying to get Alex Gordon on your team this season. Some of you may be having a late draft; go get him. Some of you have drafted and are ready to start trading; go get him. Gordon had a tremendous spring training, hitting over .400 and hitting the 2nd most HR's. His past 2 seasons promise to bring even more, as he hit .294 with 51 doubles, 14 HR's, 72 RBI, and 10 SB's in 2012. Notice the 51 doubles. I can imagine a lot more those becoming HR's this season, especially with more protection in the line-up as the Royals should see a bounce back season from Eric Hosmer and improvement from Mike Moustakas. Two seasons ago he hit .303 with 45 doubles, 23 bombs, 87 RBI, and 17 SB's. He's 29 this season on an improving team, and he is especially valuable in multi-catagory leagues. Uhm, go get him.

Jose Bautista (RF) spotlight picture

3/30/2013 11:48 pm by Bones
Sometimes you just get a queasy feeling about a ballplayer in fantasy sports, and this season in baseball mine seems to be about Jose Bautista. Someone sent me a trade offer with him and Matt Moore, and asking for Joey Votto. While I did my research, I realized that Votto is posed to be a Triple Crown threat these next few years as he enters 2012 at age 29 and with a bill of good health. Not so Mr. Bautista. Whereas Mr. Votto's numbers in his career are consistently good, if not great, the same is not true for Jose. In fact, if you take out his incredible break-out year of 2010 and his follow-up of 2011, there isn't much to get excited about. Include in those concerns a wrist injury last year, entering 2013 at age 32, no longer 3B eligible, and you probably can see why I turned down the trade. Don't get me wrong, he can still have a good season, but I'm guessing the numbers of '10 and '11 won't be revisited.

Julio Teheran (P) spotlight picture

3/30/2013 11:47 pm by Bones
Don't look now, but Julio Teheran has repositioned himself as a top flight prospect. After a horrible 2012 in AAA (a 5.08 ERA), he looks to have won a rotation spot with the Atlanta Braves with a lights out spring so far. He has arguably been this springs break-out pitcher, and those entering drafts in these final days leading up to the season would be wise to target him in the later rounds. If that ERA from last year scares you, just remember the kid was once a Top 3 pitching prospect. AND, this is the Atlanta Braves rotation we're talking about. They seem to know a thing or three about pitchers. Draft wisely my friends.

Danny Espinosa (2B) spotlight picture

3/12/2013 12:51 am by Bones
Normally Danny Espinosa would be a very attractive fantasy option at the weak position of 2B. He has youth on his side, and he has already proven that he can belt 20 HR's and steal 20 bases in a season. So what's not to like? Well, for 2013 it's all about his health. You see, he is planning on playing this season with a torn left rotator cuff. As if that is not bad enough, he is a switch hitter, so there will be plenty of opportunity to aggravate the injury swinging the bat. Add to that the "torques and turns" required to play second base in the majors, and it has me looking the other way for a fantasy second baseman this season. For those brave enough to give him a try, you HAVE to "hand-cuff" him and draft Steve Lombardozzi in the later rounds. Steve is a very capable back-up, and is even worth a speculative add by all owners, in case Espinosa goes down.

Jedd Gyorko (2B) spotlight picture

3/12/2013 12:32 am by Bones
Looking for a later round pick that will give you Top 3 value at a weak position? Look no further than Jedd Gyorko. Things are falling together for the young man to take over 2B for the Padres this season. After clubbing 30 HR's and driving in 100 runs in the minors last year, the Padres are taking a look at him at 2B, since his path to 3B is blocked by Chase Headley. Well, he's already clubbed 3 HR's and 3 doubles this spring, and his manager is pleased with his progress at 2B. Not only that, but Logan Forsythe, his main competition, has come down with a case of plantar fasciitis. Experienced fantasy players know when these words show up next to a player's name, it's time to cut bait and go find a replacement. Assuming the majority of at-bats at 2B go Jedd's way, we could see a 20+ HR and 80+ RBI season. Except for a lack of stolen bases, that's Ian Kinsler and Dustin Pedroia company, and at a much cheaper price. If you miss out on the top 3 2B in your draft, take a look at Gyorko after you've filled some other needs.

OF Leonys Martin

03-04-2013 by Bones
There has been a lot of hype over Adam Eaton of the D-backs (not without good reason), so if you miss out

SP Stephen Strasburg

03-04-2013 by Bones
Although we were told it was coming, fantasy owners and Washington fans still were taken aback last year

SP Clayton Kershaw

03-03-2013 by Bones
I remember 2 years ago a writer claiming that Kershaw could see multiple Cy Young awards before his caree

Adam Eaton (OF)

03-03-2013 by Gus
With Eaton, you can expect him to hit for average, take walks and steal bases. With Justin Upton out of

Billy Hamilton (SS)

03-03-2013 by Gus
Hamilton was on track to begin the season for the Reds in CF. After the Shin-Soo Choo trade, it looks li

OF Carlos Gonzalez

03-01-2013 by Bones
"CarGo" is set to go for another season of multi-category goodness. CarGo enters his prime at age 27 thi

OF Giancarlo Stanton

02-27-2013 by Bones
My favorite sleeper last season did not fail to deliver, at least in the games he played. Unfortunately

SP Justin Verlander

02-26-2013 by Bones
What can you say? The guy is a stud, and deserves to be the #1 pitcher off the board. I don't know if h

SS Troy Tulowitzki

02-24-2013 by Bones
Maybe the biggest question mark for owners who have a bent towards high-risk, high-reward players is "Tul

1B Prince Fielder

02-23-2013 by Bones
For some reason I am cautious about Prince Fielder, but that may be a long term concern regarding his, er

OF Andrew McCutchen

02-22-2013 by Bones
We like Andrew McCutchen here at FBX. Apparently others aren't so sure. I have 2 pre-season fantasy mag

2B Robinson Cano

02-21-2013 by Bones
For those who like to draft based on position scarcity, you will need to step up to the plate and draft R

1B Joey Votto

02-20-2013 by Bones
Votto seems to be all the rage right now, as multiple sites and magazines have him rated as the #1 first

1B Albert Pujols

02-18-2013 by Bones
Well, they are saying that "The Machine's" decline stage is here, and the numbers over the past 3 years b

OF Matt Kemp

02-17-2013 by Bones
Although not quite as many issues surround Matt Kemp as Josh Hamilton, there are still factors to conside

OF Ryan Braun

02-16-2013 by Bones
How's the saying go? "It's deja vu all over again"? Last season drafters had to decide whether it was w

3B Miguel Cabrera

02-14-2013 by Bones
Those drafters who are a little more cautious are going to be picking the Triple Crown winner at #1 overa

OF Mike Trout

02-13-2013 by Bones
Well, it's on. Is the #1 commodity in fantasy leagues Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, or Ryan Braun? Trout

OF Josh Hamilton

02-13-2013 by Bones
What to make of Josh Hamilton this season? Big pro's and con's both ways. On the one hand, he hit .285

SP Stephen Strasburg

02-03-2013 by Bones
Most of the baseball world was shocked last season, as the Nationals held to their word and stopped Stras

OF B.J. Upton

02-01-2013 by Bones
Sometimes in the fantasy world, you just have to go with your gut feeling about something. Call it insti

OF Justin Upton

01-25-2013 by Bones
Justin Upton gets traded to the Braves. Good for the Braves, and I just have a feeling it will be good f

DH Lance Berkman

01-08-2013 by Bones
The Texas Rangers have signed Lance Berkman to man their DH position and make up some of the lost product

C Travis d'Arnaud

01-02-2013 by Bones
Dynasty and keeper league owners have probably already nabbed Travis, but what of redraft leagues? Alas,

SP Ryan Dempster

12-30-2012 by Bones
Recently Ryan Dempster decided on his team of choice, and signed a contract with the Boston Red Sox. Ass

SP R.A. Dickey

12-21-2012 by Bones
I guess the kool-aid is really good this off-season, as the Blue Jays signing of Dickey has some (like th

1B Kendrys Morales

12-21-2012 by Bones
Morales offers an intriguing possibility this season, as he has escaped being behind the Fearsome Foursom

SP Zack Greinke

12-18-2012 by Bones
Drafters will be licking their chops next spring anticipating grabbing Greinke from the player rolls. Za

3B Jeff Keppinger

12-14-2012 by Bones
Another one of those moves that should not fool fantasy owners but probably will, the White Sox signed Je

OF Wil Myers

12-12-2012 by Bones
The Royals may have received the top of the rotation starting pitcher they coveted, but they did so at a

SP James Shields

12-12-2012 by Bones
The Royals and Rays finally finished up a blockbuster trade a couple of days after the winter meetings, a

2B Marco Scutaro

12-05-2012 by Bones
The SF Giants signed Marco to a 3 year contract yesterday...and fantasy owners need to be aware. For the

3B Alex Rodriguez

12-04-2012 by Bones
The Yankees got a blow yesterday as it is reported that A-Rod will have to undergo surgery on his hip in

RP Brian Wilson

12-01-2012 by Bones
It is with great sadness as a Giants fan to announce that Brian Wilson was non-tendered by San Francisco

OF, Jose Bautista

11-20-2012 by Bones
Another OF to target for even better stats next year will be Jose Bautista. Now before you get in a tizz

OF Matt Kemp

11-16-2012 by Bones
Looking for a MAJOR bounce-back candidate for 2012? Look no further than La-La land and Matt Kemp of the

3B, Will Middlebrooks

11-08-2012 by Bones
Third base should prove to be rich in fantasy talent again in 2013, but for those who forgo the position

2B, Chase Utley

11-04-2012 by Bones
It wasn't too long ago that Chase Utley was going in the Top 12 picks in fantasy drafts as THE 2B to own.

2B, Aaron Hill

10-26-2012 by Bones
Aaron Hill bounced back from not one, but two pretty poor seasons to end up as the second best fantasy se

1B, Paul Goldschmidt

10-24-2012 by Bones
Another first baseman fantasy drafters should have on their radars next spring is Mr. Goldscmidt. He pos

1B, Mark Trumbo

10-20-2012 by Bones
Anyone who watched the All-Star game Home Run contest walked away amazed at the power show Mark Trumbo pu

1B, Michael Young

10-18-2012 by Bones
The bottom really fell out for Michael Young and his numbers this season, and it will be the last of seei

1B, Mark Teixeira

10-14-2012 by Bones
Here's your first BUST alert of 2013. Despite raising his average this season by .003, Tex has seen his

C, Jonathan Lucroy

10-13-2012 by Bones
Like S. Perez and Y. Grandal, Jonathan Lucroy could be one of those catchers you can snatch in the later

C, Salvador Perez

10-11-2012 by Bones
The savvy drafter who is going to wait on grabbing a catcher will be eyeing Salvador Perez next spring in

C, Yasmani Grandal

10-10-2012 by Bones
For those looking at the strategy of drafting a catcher in the later rounds while stocking up on high end

1B Ryan Howard

09-30-2012 by Bones
Not the greatest bookends for Ryan in the 2012 season, as he didn't play until July because of his achill

3B Miguel Cabrera

09-23-2012 by Bones
As stated in the Trout update, who do you take #1 next year? Cabrera is the more proven asset, providing

OF Mike Trout

09-23-2012 by Bones
As we finish up the fantasy baseball season, there is no doubt many champions being crowned today or next

C, Buster Posey

09-16-2012 by Bones
Welcome to the first catcher off draft boards in 2013. Buster Posey has come back from a horrific leg in

SP, Andrew Cashner

09-01-2012 by Bones
Some guys just stand out to you, and I can't help but get excited about what Andrew Cashner brings to the

RP, Kenley Jansen

08-30-2012 by Bones
Fantasy owners may have taken a big hit heading into the playoffs with news that Jansen has had a heart p

C, Brian McCann

08-19-2012 by Bones
This is a tough one. McCann has a cyst on a joint in his shoulder area, and a frayed labrum. And it sho

3B, SS Manny Machado

08-11-2012 by Bones
Welcome to the most added player in the next 24 hours, lol. As of this writing, Manny is owned in 19% of

SP, Roy Oswalt

08-06-2012 by Bones
Yesterday, Roy Oswalt refused to pitch in the 9th inning of a game for the Rangers. If you are an owner

OF, Starlin' Marte

07-26-2012 by Bones
This is one of those super prospects, and he's getting his chance because Pittsburg has called him up and

RP, Wilton Lopez

07-26-2012 by Bones
If you are in need of saves in a tight league, run to the waiver wire and pick up Wilton Lopez. The Astr

SS, Hanley Ramirez

07-25-2012 by Bones
It was just reported this morning that the Dodgers have acquired Hanley from the Marlins in exchange for

SS, Ian Desmond

07-23-2012 by Bones
Desmond has surprised to this point, as he is the #1 ranked shortstop in the fantasy world this season.

3B, Todd Frazier

07-20-2012 by Bones
Frazier can be a sneaky short term add, as he should be getting the bulk of the playing time in place of

OF, Lorenzo Cain

07-16-2012 by Bones
Cain is a forgotten man in fantasy circles, as he is only owned in 8% of yahoo leagues at the moment. He

1B, OF Mark Trumbo

07-14-2012 by Bones
This is from the "we told you so" department. In the pre-season, we predicted all kinds of fantasy goodn

1B, Prince Fielder

07-13-2012 by Bones
He did it again. As you probably know by now, Prince Fielder won the Home Run hitting contest at the All

OF, Melky Cabrera

07-12-2012 by Bones
Wow. I think we can put to rest the notion that last season was an aberration for Melky. He currently l

Util, Bones

07-01-2012 by Bones
It's that big week that comes around every summer: resident camp! So I may be on the 'disabled' list for

OF, Carl Crawford

06-30-2012 by Bones
Crawford has finally started his rehab assignment, and as such has started to disappear from waiver wires

SP, Chris Carpenter

06-29-2012 by Bones
Although it may be tempting to add a pitcher who has such a rich pedigree and stash him until he gets bac

OF, Desmond Jennings

06-27-2012 by Bones
As this years Desmond Jennings, i.e., Anthony Rizzo, hits the ground running with a 2 for 4 debut, what o

1B, Anthony Rizzo

06-26-2012 by Bones
Today is the day. The most anticipated hitter to be called up from the minors makes his debut today for

3B, Kevin Youkilis

06-25-2012 by Bones
It finally happened Sunday, as Kevin Youkilis was traded to the Chicago White Sox so that the Red Sox cou

SP, Trevor Bauer

06-24-2012 by Bones
Finally time to run to the waiver wire if you haven't done so already and snag one of the hottest prospec

SP, Jarrod Parker

06-24-2012 by Bones
I can't believe this kid is only owned in 37% of yahoo leagues. Most of those better be keeper leagues,

SS, Troy Tulowitzki

06-21-2012 by Bones
If one looks at the glass half full, you can lament that you lost the #1 shortstop for the next 6 weeks (

SP, Brandon Beachy

06-21-2012 by Bones
Brutal. Just brutal. A incredible late round fantasy pick who not only was leading the National league

RP, Brett Myers

06-19-2012 by Bones
Sometimes real life managers really mess up us fantasy type managers. A great example was yesterday, whe

SP, Ivan Nova

06-18-2012 by Bones
Don't look now, but the Yankees are surging and Ivan Nova is helping lead the charge. A surprise and del

2B, Ben Zobrist

06-16-2012 by Bones
Ben Zobrist has finally caught fire recently, reversing a terrible 2 month beginning to the season. Owne

SP, Matt Cain

06-14-2012 by Bones
Not that you are going to snag him off the waiver wire or wrestle him from his owner, but we just need to

1B, OF Brandon Belt

06-14-2012 by Bones
Sometimes you wonder if major league managers have it out for us fantasy players. Brandon Belt, who had

2B, Brian Roberts

06-13-2012 by Bones
One does not add guys in fantasy based on sentiment, but this does have the potential to be a real feel g

OF, Colby Rasmus

06-13-2012 by Bones
Could it be that Colby Rasmus is starting to realize his potential that made him a #1 draft choice of the

2B, Chase Utley

06-12-2012 by Bones
Looks like Chase Utley is going to get promoted from extended spring training games to an actual re-hab a

1B, Adam Lind

06-11-2012 by Bones
Adam Lind was having an awful season, and thus was sent down to AAA Las Vegas. In 99 at-bats there, he h

OF, Alfonso Soriano

06-09-2012 by Bones
I was surprised to find this morning that Alfonso is only owned in 47% of yahoo leagues. That must be be

C, Salvador Perez

06-09-2012 by Bones
Owners in need of a catcher should run to the waiver wire right now and snatch Salvador Perez before he g

SP, Jaime Garcia

06-08-2012 by Bones
Redrafters can drop the hurting Jaime Garcia, as he will be out a while. Initial reports were that he wo

OF, Shane Victorino

06-07-2012 by Bones
Victorino may be a candidate to inquire about for trade purposes with his owner. His owner has to be fru

1B, Paul Goldschmidt

06-06-2012 by Bones
What was looking like a severe sophomore slump has turned into a nice little 2nd season for Mr. Goldscmid

2B, Gordon Beckham

06-04-2012 by Bones
Count me as the many who are jaded by Gordon's lack of production the past couple of years, but the curre

RP, Ernesto Frieri

06-04-2012 by Bones
Since being traded to the Angels, Ernesto has put in 14 innings of relief pitching...and given up one hit

SP, Johan Santana

06-02-2012 by Bones
We would be remiss to not give a shout out to Johan Santana for throwing the first no-hitter in Mets hist

SS, Troy Tulowitzki

06-01-2012 by Bones
To avoid a re-injury like Matt Kemp's, the Rockies decided to place Tulo on the 15 day DL to rest up prop

OF, Matt Kemp

06-01-2012 by Bones
Kemp re-injured his hammy, and word out of LA is that he will be out of commission until possibly July.

SP, Brandon McCarthy

05-30-2012 by Bones
Owners of Roy Halladay and Jered Weaver (both placed on the 15 day DL today) need to hunt down some start

OF, Carlos Quentin

05-28-2012 by Bones
If you are reading this on Memorial Day, you have a great shot at picking up a #4 hitter with the potenti

OF, Melky Cabrera

05-28-2012 by Bones
"It's better to be lucky than to be good" is a famous quote, and that seems to apply to those who took th

1B, Justin Morneau

05-25-2012 by Bones
You would think a guy with 4 HR's and 12 RBI in his last 7 starts would be owned in more than 50% of yaho

SS, Ian Desmond

05-23-2012 by Bones
What is with Ian Desmond lately? The guy has hit 4 HR's in the past week, to take the Washington Nationa

1B, Lance Berkman

05-21-2012 by Bones
Reports this morning confirm the worst fears, and that is that Lance Berkman has a torn ACL. Not only wo

OF, Cody Ross

05-20-2012 by Bones
Get your hand off that drop button gamer! Initial X-rays on Cody's foot that he slammed a foul ball on l

C A.J. Ellis

05-18-2012 by Bones
Just as a lot of little things have to go right for a major league baseball team to ascend to first place

1B, Eric Hosmer

05-17-2012 by Bones
Is this a buy low candidate, or are we going to continue seeing a massive sophmore slump here? A work bu

1B, Allen Craig

05-17-2012 by Bones
A number of crafty owners hit paydirt adding Craig at the end of April when he came off the DL. Lance Be

C, Jonathon Lucroy

05-16-2012 by Bones
Some numbers are confusing, for example, how is Jonathan Lucroy only owned in 33% of yahoo leagues? He i

C Jesus Flores

05-14-2012 by Bones
The starting catcher for the Nationals, Wilson Ramos, has been lost for the season due to a torn ACL. En

OF Roger Bernadina

05-14-2012 by Bones
For those with major DL worries on their rosters (I have 2 teams with 3 All-Stars on the DL), Roger Berna

SP Adam Wainwright

05-12-2012 by Bones
It's time to buy low on Adam Wainwright! His owners have to be wringing their hands after another incons

OF Giancario Stanton

05-11-2012 by Bones
One of our pre-season break-out candidates, the hitter formally known as Mike Stanton got off to a slow s

OF Josh Hamilton

05-09-2012 by Bones
Wow. What a performance. Four Home Runs in one game last night for Mr. Hamilton, only the 14th player i

3B Pedro Alvarez

05-07-2012 by Bones
Alvarez has been pretty hot lately, but one can understand how he is only owned in 49% of yahoo leagues.

RP Chris Sale

05-05-2012 by Bones
It's apparently the time of the season for the closer circus to come to town, and now if has shifted to C

RP Andrew Cashner

05-05-2012 by Bones
Acquired by San Diego in the Anthony Rizzo trade, Cashner sports a 100 mph fastball and projects to be th

RP Mariano Rivera

05-04-2012 by Bones
The Yankees, and fantasy owners alike got crushing news yesterday when Rivera tore his ACL in his right k

RP Heath Bell

05-03-2012 by Bones
The Bell tolls....Lowly. Heath Bell has been a complete bust for the Marlins, and you have to wonder wha

3B Kevin Youkilis

05-02-2012 by Bones
Uh oh, are the signs there for a changing of the guard at 3B in Boston? "Youk" has missed his last 3 gam

3B Evan Longoria

05-02-2012 by Bones
Ouch. That's about all Longoria owners like myself can say: Ouch. Longoria, trying to steal a base last

3B Brandon Inge

05-01-2012 by Bones
For the true deep leaguer, Inge is an add you want to make right now. Released by the Tigers last week a

OF Mike Trout

04-28-2012 by Bones
Yes, on the same day that Bryce Harper was called up, so was Mike Trout with the Angels. There are some

OF Bryce Harper

04-28-2012 by Bones
Not since Ken Griffey Jr. has the hype machine been in such full tilt as it is now for a 19 year old rook

2B Neil Walker

04-27-2012 by Bones
This might seem like a funny player to spotlight, what with a horrendous start to the year culminating in

1B Albert Pujols

04-25-2012 by Bones
Buy low...if you can. For the second April in a row, Albert Pujols has started the season painfully slow

OF Alex Rios

04-24-2012 by Bones
Did they change the water in Chicago? First Adam Dunn has started the season hitting bombs like he used

3B Chase Headley

04-24-2012 by Bones
If you woke up Monday morning and perused your waiver wire and found the #9 ranked player sitting there,

SP Ross Detwiler

04-21-2012 by Bones
Early in the season is the time to grab those golden surprises, and Detwiler may just be one of them. Ey

OF Nolan Reimold

04-21-2012 by Bones
"Better late than never" goes the old saying. For the past 2 years, the best fantasy sports writer on th

DH Adam Dunn

04-20-2012 by Bones
"Warning, danger, danger!" so said the robot in the 60's tv show, 'Lost in Space.' And right now there a

SP Matt Cain

04-19-2012 by Bones
We may be witnessing the changing of the guard in San Francisco. Matty Cain has just thrown 2 one-hitte

OF Jordan Schafer

04-18-2012 by Bones
There appears to be some gold down in the flatlands of Texas this year. Owners of Jacoby Ellsbury may wa

1B Adam LaRoche

04-17-2012 by Bones
Adam LaRoche appears to be a nice grab off waiver wires half way into April. Owned by only 46% in yahoo

RP Brian Wilson

04-17-2012 by Bones
As those who were without fantasy basketball championships to attend to can tell you, the season has come

Util Jesus Montero

04-15-2012 by Bones
I had to chuckle this off-season when my Mariner fan friends were all up in arms over the Montero for Mic

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

04-14-2012 by Bones
Ouch! A fantasy Top-10 producer last year, it's looking like Jacoby will be sidelined 6 weeks with a dis

OF Austin Jackson

04-13-2012 by Bones
Austin Jackson has shown promise in the early going of being an incredible late round/waiver wire steal.

3B David Wright

04-11-2012 by Bones
And now we start with the injuries. David Wright suffered a broken right pinkie sliding into a base Mond

SP, Tim Lincecum

04-07-2012 by Bones
Has the time come to sell high on "The Freak?" The signs are there. Tim got blasted in spring training,

RP, Craig Kimbrel

04-06-2012 by Bones
Relief pitcher is the hardest position to predict in fantasy baseball, as change happens rapidly. For ex

SP, Clayton Kershaw

04-06-2012 by Bones
Most would pick Justin Verlander as their top pitcher heading into 2012, but we are going to go with Kers

OF Matt Kemp

03-23-2012 by Bones
Matt Kemp is our #1 rated OF, and if you look at the numbers you'll know why. A .324 batting average, co

3B, OF Jose Bautista

03-21-2012 by Bones
Although a real life OF, Jose has retained 3B eligibility in most leagues, so that easily makes him our #

SS, Troy Tulowitzki

03-19-2012 by Bones
"Tulo" is our runaway pick as the number one SS in fantasy worlds this spring. In fact, some who go with

2B, Dustin Pedroia

03-18-2012 by Bones
We have Dustin Pedroia as our #1 ranked 2B, narrowly over Robinson Cano. And quite frankly, most sites w

1B, 3B Miguel Cabrera

03-15-2012 by Bones
Our top 3B going into 2012 is Miguel Cabrera. As most know, Miguel will shift over to 3B from 1B to make

C, Mike Napoli

03-14-2012 by Bones
At the moment we have Napoli rated as our #1 catcher. Whether he holds this position will depend on his

SP Tim Lincecum

03-08-2012 by Bones
"The Freak" is getting hammered in spring training. In 3 innings, he has given up 6 runs and 8 hits with

OF Ryan Braun

02-26-2012 by Bones
Ryan Braun has avoided a 50 game suspension, and thus jumps back into 1st round draft territory. Some ev

OF Josh Hamilton

02-22-2012 by Bones
It's strange to see a talent like Josh Hamilton ranked as low as #30, but that is where we have him to st

3B Pablo Sandoval

02-04-2012 by Bones
Uh-oh. Reports are out today that the Big Panda has gained 25 pounds this off-season. You'll recall tha

1B, 3B Miguel Cabrera

01-25-2012 by Bones
What a nice day for Cabrera owners, and what a thing to think about for drafters, i.e., that it looks lik

1B Prince Fielder

01-25-2012 by Bones
It has finally happened, as Prince Fielder has signed with the Detroit Tigers today. Imagine being a pit

Albert Pujols, 1B

01-03-2012 by Bones
We have bumped Albert up to the #1 overall pick again, what with it looking like Ryan Braun isn't going t

OF Matt Kemp

10-16-2011 by Bones
Matt Kemp is the FBX "Most Valuable Player of the year" for 2011. Matt Kemp was the monster fantasy asse

SP Justin Verlander

10-13-2011 by Bones
Justin Verlander is FBX's "Cy Young Award Winner" for 2011. Flat out dominant is what describes Verlande

RP Jose Valverde

10-12-2011 by Bones
Jose Valverde is FBX's "Closer of the Year" for 2011. Valverde wins the award based on one amazing feat:

RP Craig Kimbrel

10-09-2011 by Bones
Craig Kimbrel is FBX's "Rookie of the Year" for 2011. Although most may go with an every day player, Kimb

OF Alex Gordon

10-07-2011 by Bones
Alex Gordon is FBX's "Most Improved Player of the Year" for 2011. Sounds of the word "Finally" rang out

OF, 1B Lance Berkman

10-05-2011 by Bones
Lance Berkman is FBX's "Bounceback Player of the Year" for the 2011 season. After a steady two year decl

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

10-03-2011 by Bones
Jacoby Ellsbury is our FBX "Comeback Player of the Year" for 2011. After only playing in 18 games in 201

SS Dee Gordon

09-10-2011 by Bones
I'm not one to usually suggest adding Dodgers, but I do like stats, and this is fantasy baseball after al

OF David Murphy

09-03-2011 by Bones
I guess David Murphy of the Texas Rangers likes to be a starter! Since Nelson Cruz went on the DL, Murph

OF Alejandro De Aza

09-02-2011 by Bones
The White Sox have not one, but two young outfielders recently called up who are pounding the ball. Sinc

RP Jason Motte

08-30-2011 by Bones
Looking for a sneaky move to add saves for the post-season? Jason Motte is your guy. His manager, Tony

3B, OF Dayan Viciedo

08-29-2011 by Bones
Dayan was called up by the White Sox after Carlos Quentin was placed on the DL this weekend, and promptly

Util Jim Thome

08-26-2011 by Bones
Kudos to Jim Thome, who just last week became the latest member of the 600 club. I believe only 7 others

OF Mike Stanton

08-18-2011 by Bones
Before the season started I made a rather bold prediction that Stanton would club 40 HR's this season. I

OF Jose Constanza

08-17-2011 by Bones
One reason I am willing to drop Jason Heyward before the fantasy playoffs is Jose, who has cut into Heywa

OF Jason Heyward

08-17-2011 by Bones
How the mighty have fallen. A pre-season ranking of #43 on fantasy cheat sheets, Jason is the definition

C Jesus Montero

08-08-2011 by Bones
Gotta love anyone with the name of "Jesus", but that being besides the point, reports are out that the Ya

OF Desmond Jennings

07-23-2011 by Bones
FINALLY! The "next Carl Crawford" (circa 2010) has finally been called up by Tampa Bay. The 24 year old

3B, SS Cody Ransom

07-21-2011 by Bones
I know, who? Cody has found himself in the D-backs system, and an opportunity just opened up for him wit

RP Joe Nathan

07-08-2011 by Bones
We all know Big Joe has struggled a bit this year coming off Tommy John surgery, but hey, that's no crime

3B, OF Juan Bautista

07-04-2011 by Bones
Well, obviously the pre-season questions as to whether Bautista was a one-season aberration last year wit

RP Mike Adams

06-25-2011 by Bones
With trade talks in the air concerning Health Bell, owners in need of saves would be wise to make a pre-e

RP Heath Bell

06-25-2011 by Bones
Sell, sell, sell! Many reports have come out the past week that the Padres may be interested in moving t

1B Freddie Freeman

06-25-2011 by Bones
Although first base is always a deep position, the loss of Albert Pujols and Justin Morneau the past week

SP Carlos Carrasco

06-25-2011 by Bones
It's that time of the year to find hidden gems to help you make a run in your league. Enter Carlos Carra

1B Albert Pujols

06-20-2011 by Bones
Is this the "lost" season of Albert Pujols? Beginning the season with an unlikely slump, the King of Fan

RP Mark Melancon

06-16-2011 by Bones
Hopefully owners who added Melancon for the interim period of Brandon Lyon's first DL stint didn't get ca

2B Dan Uggla

06-14-2011 by Bones
What happened? When Florida traded Dan Uggla to Atlanta, no one would of thought his production would TA

1B/OF Mitch Moreland

06-07-2011 by Bones
When I got serious about fantasy baseball a few years ago, my Mom (yes, my mother) clued me in to a 2B wi

1B, OF Michael Morse

05-27-2011 by Bones
Michael Morse was a pre-season sleeper on a lot of sites this past spring, only to go into hibernation on

SP Tim Lincecum

05-22-2011 by Bones
What a joy to sit down and watch the best game on the planet, performed by one of it's most electric play

3B David Wright

05-17-2011 by Bones
David Wright will be going on the DL with a stress fracture in his back. What are fantasy owners going t

OF Andre Eithier

05-11-2011 by Bones
Andre Eithier is another player we picked for the Fantazzle game of gurus challenge, and why not? After

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

05-10-2011 by Bones
One of our OF's in the Fantazzle "Game of Guru's", Ellsbury has shed the buy low label the past 8 games.

2B, 3B Michael Young

05-10-2011 by Bones
Here's to Michael Young, the consummate baseball professional. In the off-season his name was bandied ar

OF Matt Joyce

05-02-2011 by Bones
Sometimes you get lucky. Added Matt Joyce for his scheduled doubleheader last Thursday, and in 5 games f

3B Jack Hannahan

04-30-2011 by Bones
With news breaking today that Pablo Sandoval has a broken bone in his wrist and will miss 6 weeks, AND Ry

SP Bud Norris

04-28-2011 by Bobellis75
Norris has been pitching well above expectations so far as the #4 guy in Houston’s rotation. In the pr

1B/DH Billy Butler

04-22-2011 by Bobellis75
Will Billy Butler “wow” you? Nope, not really. You know who is…you know he can hit…but you’re

OF Matt Kemp

04-22-2011 by Bobellis75
After an MVP caliber season in 2009…Matt Kemp was a rising star in baseball, considered to be one of th

OF Sam Fuld

04-19-2011 by Bones
Sam Fuld has certainly taken advantage of the retirement of Manny Ramirez. In 53 AB's in the young seaso

SS Rafael Furcal

04-13-2011 by Bones
Not that you should of had him on your roster anyways, but now is the time to dump Rafael Furcal and pick

1B Chris Davis

04-13-2011 by Bones
For those with bench space, in deep leagues, or into speculative adds, Chris Davis may be the player for

OF Josh Hamilton

04-13-2011 by Bones
Sometimes I think Josh Hamilton is as brittle as old bones. I love the guy, but to break your arm on a s

3B, OF Alex Gordon

04-08-2011 by Bones
Alex Gordon has earned the bust label the past few years, but who wouldn't when you are advertised as the

OF Matt Holliday

04-04-2011 by Bones
This might be a time to make an offer for Matt Holiday. You can point out he's out for surgery, that Puj

SP Matt Cain

04-03-2011 by Bones
Wish I could of drafted Matt Cain this year! The kid is on something like a 27 inning scoreless streak,

OF Brett Gardner

03-30-2011 by Bones
His manager is hitting him on top of the Yankees line-up on opening day, and for those of us in the fanta

RP Jose Contreras

03-30-2011 by Bones
It might not be too late to grab the most likely closer in Philadelphia in light of Brad Lidge going on t

3B Alex Rodriguez

03-27-2011 by Bones
A-Rod has dropped out of the Top 10 in drafts this year, and is even the 3rd or 4th 3B taken after E. Lon

OF Michael Morse

03-26-2011 by Bones
I know the drill, don't look TOO much into spring training stats. But Morse is intriguing besides his sp

RP Jose Contreras

03-25-2011 by Bones
Well, it's happened already, as Brad Lidge is experiencing shoulder soreness and is slated to start the s

OF Rajai Davis

03-25-2011 by Bones
Word is that Davis will be leading off for the Toronto Blue Jays. You know, the "Grip it and Rip it" Tor

OF Dexter Fowler

03-22-2011 by Bones
Dexter Fowler, please meet: opportunity. It's looking not only like he will be the regular CF this year,

SP Jake Peavy

03-22-2011 by Bones
"Another One Bites the Dust." Another of my last round grabs looks like it has gone by the wayside. I w

SP Johnny Cueto

03-21-2011 by Bones
A month ago, Cueto was on my radar as a late round grab who could produce excellent strike out numbers an

SS Starlin Castro

03-21-2011 by Bones
I found my 10th shortstop. In our pre-season Top 10 lists, I bemoaned the lack of quality shortstops, an

2B, 3B Mike Aviles

03-18-2011 by Bones
Someone who may be a surprising mid to late round pick who can help fantasy teams is Mike Aviles. Curren

1B Kendry Morales

03-18-2011 by Bones
Looking like a sneaky mid-round pick during the off-season, those plans can be dashed by savvy owners now

OF Rajai Davis

03-16-2011 by Bones
Rajai Davis is a perfect example of why NOT to put complete stock into spring training stats. In 35 AB's

1B/3B Pablo Sandoval

03-15-2011 by Bones
The Big Panda is still big, but not quite as much as last year. He spent the off season shedding over 35

1B/DH Kila Ka'aihue

03-15-2011 by Bones
"Special K" has been anything but that so far in his major league career, but he could be worth a last ro

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

03-14-2011 by Bones
Pre-season magazines and mock drafts seemed to take into account last years injuries way too much with Ja

SP Clayton Kershaw

03-14-2011 by Bones
Often touted as a future Cy Young candidate, one must wonder if the future is now. Clayton is off to a n

3B Ian Stewart

03-11-2011 by Bones
Why is it when I see Stewart's name, The Who's "I Won't Get Fooled Again" comes to mind? Maybe it's beca

SP Zack Greinke

03-09-2011 by Bones
It was revealed this week that the Brewers new staff ace has a hairline fracture of a rib. He should be

OF Ichiro

03-08-2011 by Bones
In sports, you are usually considered a great player if you go by one name. So it has been for future Ha

2B Chase Utley

03-05-2011 by Bones
Quite frankly, Chase Utley is starting to scare me. When pre-season ranks came out initially, I thought

C Buster Posey

03-05-2011 by Bones
This might not be our last post on Buster, as the kid is pretty amazing. So far this spring he is "only"

C Jason Castro

03-05-2011 by Bones
Some of you are saying, "Who?" But deep leaguers and National league only players may have had their eye

2B Dan Uggla

03-03-2011 by
Current ADP has Uggla going in the 5th round of 10 team leagues. That is a steal! Drafters should give

SP Ian Snell

03-01-2011 by Bones
With Adam Wainwright out for the year, the Cardinals will look to fill the back end of their rotation. T

SP Adam Wainwright

03-01-2011 by Bones
Waino had Tommy John surgery yesterday, and as such is done for 2011. For you redraft leagues that went

C Mike Napoli

02-25-2011 by Bones
I wish my draft was weeks ago, because the closer we get to the season, the more this guy will go up the

C Joe Mauer

02-25-2011 by Bones
Mauer's ADP has slipped only 2 spots since the beginning of the year, from #17 to #19. Either way is way

SS Troy Tulowitzki

02-24-2011 by Bones
Shortstop is a very thin position this year, yet owners in the top half of the first round have 2 gems at

1B Albert Pujols

02-24-2011 by Bones
Even with the contract issue, Pujols is just about everybody's consensus #1 overall pick, and rightly so.

SS Yunel Escobar

06-16-2010 by B
We all know about Yunel Escobar, shortstop for Atlanta.  He’s been playing regularly at that spot sinc

3B Alberto Callaspo

06-06-2010 by b
Looking at one of my Yahoo leagues today…I noticed that Alberto Callaspo (2B/3B) is rostered in 67 perc

1B Justin Smoak

05-10-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Since Texas Rangers promoted 1B phenom, Justin Smoak, from AAA Oklahoma City on 4/22, he's achieved some

SP Brett Cecil

05-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Toronto Blue Jays southpaw starter, Brett Cecil, is currently under-the-radar by being available in aroun

1B Ike Davis

05-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Ike Davis has been highly rated since the New York Mets drafted him as the 18th over-all pick in the '08

CF/LF Tyler Colvin

04-28-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Chicago Cubs 24 year-old rookie phenom, Tyler Colvin, continues to flourish at a high level to the extent

CF Austin Jackson

04-26-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
When Detroit sent highly regarded All Star CF, Curtis Granderson, to the Big Apple, several Tiger fans im

SP Doug Fister

04-25-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Doug Fister is definitely one of those "under-the radar" type pitchers that is paying big dividends for a

SP Ubaldo Jimenez

04-20-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Ubaldo Jimenez back on 4/17/10 had a career defining game after no-hitting the Atlanta Braves which was t

CF Chris Young

04-11-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Chris Young has probably been the "feel good" story to start the '10 regular season. Young exhibited futu

RP Ryan Madson

03-30-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
With Brad Lidge on the mend, the Phillies have recently anointed Ryan Madson as their closer as they ushe

SP Daniel Hudson

03-30-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Dan Hudson may be beginning the ’10 campaign at the White Sox AAA home in Charlotte, but that does not

SS Elvis Andrus

03-30-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
At the youthful age of 16, the Caracas, Venezuela native, Elvis Andrus catapulted himself into the Rookie

CF Andrew McCutchen

03-29-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Andrew McCutchen has received a lot of hype during Spring Training and everyone should definitely take no

SP/RP Francisco Liriano

03-25-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
To update my original entry on Francisco Liriano, Twins manager, Rod Gardenhire, announced that Liriano

SP Luke Hochevar

03-22-2010 by JunkyardJake
Luke Hochevar’s professional career has indeed gotten off to a tumultuous start, not unlike the chaotic

2B/OF Chris Coghlan

03-22-2010 by JunkyardJake
After getting the call in early May 2009 it took a little while for the 24 year-old Chris Coghlan to make

SP Jair Jurrjens

03-15-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Jair Jurrjens continues to be among the long line of Braves starters who capitalizes at pitching at the e

LF/1B Conor Jackson

03-15-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Conor Jackson is another potential candidate for Comeback Player of the Year. His ’09 season abruptly

SP James Shields

03-13-2010 by JunkyardJake
A very consistent fantasy option during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, Tampa Bay’s James Shields fell victi

2B Rickie Weeks

03-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Rickie Weeks was primed to be the best middle IF prospect with the “Brew Crew” since Robin Yount burs

RP Brian Wilson

03-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
The San Francisco Giants starters should be picking up those “Good Vibrations” each and every time cl

SP Max Scherzer

03-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Max Scherzer has already been penciled in as the Detroit Tigers #2 starter (behind Justin Verlander) and

LF Denard Span

03-08-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Denard Span path to “the Show” was blocked for seven years by the Twins gluttony of talented outfield

RP David Aardsma

03-07-2010 by JunkyardJake
Drafted by the San Francisco Giants in 2003, David Aardsma progressed rapidly to the AAA, where he was be

1B Kendry Morales

03-07-2010 by JunkyardJake
It's safe to say the Angels look like geniuses after replacing the uber-expensive Mark Teixeira with farm

SP Brandon Webb

03-01-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Brandon Webb might begin the '10 campaign on the DL, but he's still a considered a low risk/high reward d

LF Curtis Granderson

03-01-2010 by KingLouieLouie76
Curtis Granderson already made a huge splash for himself with his explosive triple and subsequently scori

2B Scott Sizemore

03-01-2010 by JunkyardJake
Scott Sizemore was relatively quiet during his first three years in the minors, compiling a .289 average

SP Brett Anderson

03-01-2010 by JunkyardJake
While fellow left-hander David Price received more publicity in 2009, it was Oakland's rookie Brett Ander

SP Stephen Strasburg

02-22-2010 by JunkyardJake
SP Stephen Strasburg (WAS) – One of the most anticipated pitching prospects to come along in recent mem

3B/SS Gordon Beckham

02-22-2010 by JunkyardJake
2B/SS/3B Gordon Beckham (CWS) -A standout college middle infielder at the University of Georgia, Gordan B

LF Jason Heyward

02-16-2010 by JunkyardJake
Jason Heyward entered the Braves farm system at the precocious age of 17, advancing rapidly to a limited

SP Wade Davis

02-16-2010 by JunkyardJake
Wade Davis isn’t the type of pitcher who overwhelms you with his stuff, but he was an effective pitcher

OF Adam Lind

02-06-2010 by JunkyardJake
The path to notoriety as a reputable power hitter certainly wasn’t smooth for Adam Lind, but after thre

RP Leo Nunez

02-06-2010 by JunkyardJake
Leo Nunez pretty much inherited the Marlin’s closer position out of default in 2009, but the results we

SP Mat Latos

02-06-2010 by JunkyardJake
Following his callup by the Padres in July 2009, Mat Latos proceeded to notch 4 victories over his first

OF Jeff Francoeur

02-06-2010 by JunkyardJake
After his last couple disappointing seasons with Atlanta, it’s easy to forget Jeff Francoeur’s auspic

1B Chris Davis

07-21-2009 by JunkyardJake
Chris Davis was a revelation for the Texas Rangers last year, hitting .285 with 17 HRs and 55 RBIs in jus

SP Clay Buchholtz

07-18-2009 by JunkyardJake
The much anticipated 2009 major-league appearance of Clay Buchholtz is expected to transpire right after

OF Raul Ibanez

06-25-2009 by JunkyardJake
With a .287 career average and 182 HRs coming into this season, Raul Ibanez has always been a productive

2B Ben Zobrist

06-11-2009 by JunkyardJake
Used mostly as a part-timer last season, Ben Zobrist offered a glimpse of his fantasy potential with 5 HR

SP Tommy Hanson

06-02-2009 by JunkyardJake
He is owned in a surprising 75% of all CBS leagues, so it’s apparent that many fantasy owners are still

SP Trevor Cahill

05-17-2009 by JunkyardJake
Trevor Cahill is a talented young pitcher who primarily throws an effective assortment of 4-seam and 2-se

OF Juan Pierre

05-12-2009 by JunkyardJake
After signing a 5 year $44 million deal with the Dodgers before the 2007 season, Juan Pierre pretty much

OF Matt Holliday

04-26-2009 by JunkyardJake
It had been stated many times going into the 2009 season - Matt Holliday might have a difficult time adap

SP Jordan Zimmermann

04-25-2009 by Steelers0087
Zimmermann is clearly the top prospect in the Nationals organization at this time. He showed what he is c

OF Nyjer Morgan

04-25-2009 by Steelers0087
Playing time isn't an issue right now for the Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder, but it soon could be. His fa

SP Cole Hamels

04-12-2009 by JunkyardJake
Heading into the 2009 season there has been much apprehension about Cole Hamels elbow inflammation dilemm

2B Brandon Phillips

04-03-2009 by JunkyardJake
If not for a dreadful August and September last year, Brandon Phillips might have been considered the top

SP Cliff Lee

04-03-2009 by JunkyardJake
If you didn’t see Cliff Lee’s remarkable turnaround season coming last year, don’t fret, because ha

OF Carl Crawford

03-28-2009 by JunkyardJaek
Carl Crawford was already having a sub-par 2008 campaign, but in August when he required surgery for a ha

RP Francisco Rodriquez

03-28-2009 by JunkyardJaek
Relocating from the AL Angels to the NL Mets for 2009, Francisco Rodriquez finds himself at a new address

1B Joey Votto

03-23-2009 by JunkyardJake
It’s hard to believe that Joey Votto was actually being selected at around the 21st round in drafts in

SP Roy Halladay

03-23-2009 by JunkyardJake
Roy Halladay has been a terrific and durable fantasy force since his breakout year of 2001, averaging 15

SP Chad Billingsley

03-20-2009 by JunkyardJake
Deploying a mid 90’s moving fastball and exceptional slider with a precocious mound demeanor, Chad Bill

3B Evan Longoria

03-20-2009 by JunkyardJake
Evan Longoria was considered one of the brightest prospects in the game shortly after Tampa Bay used thei

RP Bobby Jenks

03-15-2009 by JunkyardJake
It's easy to look at his progressive decline in strikeouts over the past three seasons, and conclude that

SS Stephen Drew

03-15-2009 by JunkyardJake
So far he has been able to avoid the same injury misfortune as his older brother JD Drew, and hopefully S

OF Curtis Granderson

03-12-2009 by JunkyardJake
Like many of his Detroit Tiger teammates, Curtis Granderson couldn’t quite match his lofty 2007 levels

SP John Maine

03-12-2009 by JunkyardJake
John Maine is being approached as a bit of a speculative fantasy pick this year, falling in many drafts t

SP Scott Kazmir

03-05-2009 by JunkyardJake
Operating with his trademark wicked fastball, and improving changeup, it's easy to forget that Scott Kazm

OF Matt Kemp

03-03-2009 by JunkyardJake
After two years as a part-timer, Matt Kemp was given the chance to play everyday for the Dodgers last sea

2B Ian Kinsler

02-25-2009 by JunkyardJake
When Ian Kinsler broke into the majors back in 2006, he carried expectations of 20 HR/ 20 SB potential, b

C Geovany Soto

02-23-2009 by JunkyardJake
Expectations were high for Geovany Soto coming into last season, and the Cubs young catcher did not disa

SP Justin Verlander

02-23-2009 by JunkyardJake
After winning AL Rookie of the Year winner in 2006, Justin Verlander had an even more impressive campaign

OF Nelson Cruz

02-19-2009 by JunkyardJake
Nelson Cruz was once considered a top prospect, but was only able to show brief glimpses of his potential

SP Jonathan Sanchez

02-19-2009 by JunkyardJake
It’s difficult to assess Jonathan Sanchez’s potential fantasy value in 2009, because he hasn’t been

RP Heath Bell

02-16-2009 by JunkyardJake
Anyone who has played fantasy baseball for a while knows that trying to forecast the saves category is us

SS Troy Tulowitzki

02-16-2009 by JunkyardJake
After his breakout season in 2007, where we saw Colorado's young SS hit .291 with 24 HRs and 99 RBIs, Tul

OF Jacoby Ellsbury

02-15-2009 by JunkyardJake
Of course, the big secret is out on Ellsbury, as he proved last year that he has the potential to become

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